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Safety and Rules

In order to make sure that you are safe, we have to unfortunately have some rules. These rules are very simple to understand, and very important to follow. This terrain though very beautiful to see, can be very dangerous and unforgiving if you do not follow the rules. These rules prevent you from losing control of your vehicle, which can easily cause damage to yourself, and our vehicles. To help you have a fun and exciting experience every run is lead by a trained expert rider.  We have experts guides who have over 45 years of collective quad biking experiences who guide you through this beautiful terrain.

Rule 1

Follow the tracks of the guide, and stay as close to it as you can
These dunes change every single day, which is why we have a guide leading you through, analysing what is up ahead so that you always remain safe. Most of the dunes you will be riding have a soft side and a steep side, and if you follow the guide then he will not go through areas which will cause you to fall and injure yourself. Some of these dunes have dramatic fall offs, and simply being 2 meters to the side can be the difference between a smoth drop and a vertical one. So this is one of the most important of rules to follow

Rule 2

Keep a safe 5m following distance
These quad bikes are made to ride on the sand, but the sand is very different from driving on the road. Steering is heavy and braking very sharp as the weight of the sand strongly  impedes on the tires. For this reason we ask that you keep a 5m gap between you and the person in front you at all times. This allows you to see what the person in front of you does before you go through the same area. This also stops you from running into the person in front of you, which usually results in self injury, or causing damage to the quad bike
Watch what the person in front of you is doing
As you drive you need to follow what is happening in front of you. When the guide slows down, it is usually because the conditions or the following riders skills prevent him from following his usual path, at which point he will be standing on his bike. Usually the front bike has a flag to assist you knowing what the terrain is doing, and when there are sharp drops ahead. If you pay attention you will remain safe

Rule 3

If one person stops, we all stop.
If anyone has a problem we need to stop to tryand solve the problem, so that everyone gets the best experience. We always keep everyone within safe visual distance, and in larger groups we sometimes split the group with an extra guide in the middle just to make sure you are safe

Rule 4

No hooligans! No snaking, or trying to get the tail to kick out
No matter what your skill level is, you need to remember that we are responsible for keeping you safe. This is a guided tour and not a joyride, so we ask you to drive in an orderly fashion because snaking regularly causes one of two results: Either you fall off the quad bike because you do not concentrate on whats ahead of you and crash; or You roll the quad and the bike lands on you. This has happened before and that is why we strictly enforce this rule for the protection of both you and the quad bike.

Rule 5

Always listen to the guides
The guides represent the owner of the company, and have years of individual experience in the dunes. At every moment that you are on these dunes and on one of our bikes, they are resosible for the safety of you and the quad bike. We please ask you to listen to them so that you can have the best experience possible, not have to airlifted to hospital or removed from one of our vehicles

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